Important icons

Photoshop in one software that has never become outdated. Though there are a lot of versions updates happening, it hasn’t been completely blacked out! It is an evergreen interface that providesa lot ofspace to work around with the photos the way you like.

So are you interested in working with the software? So, how do you begin?

Main Menu:

On the top line is the main menu icons, that consists of Options, Filters, Layering, 3D, and image adjustments are seen. You may select according to the purpose that you may have.

Further, they have options under them, which can be explored and experimented with!


This can be seen on the left-hand side of the screen. It contains all the various tools that you might require to work on the image.

The tools have further options in them and are displayed by the black triangle over the corner of the icon. You can hold the mouse over it to see the menu completely.

These are the basic important things to get started on photoshop.